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Tips for Pre-Wedding Sessions

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Pre wedding sessions are unforgettable and for me they are vital in building memories and moments for life. These are photographs that capture love and herald a new cycle for the couple: life for two. Therefore, it is worth investing, not only in the photographer but also in you, in your memories. Invest in an important moment that generates unique images, your pre-wedding session.

Some Recommendations:

1 – Do not choose uncomfortable clothes or clothes that are out of your style. The rehearsal has to have your face and the most important thing is that you have fun! Clothes without big letters, dolls or numbers!

2 - Try to harmonize your clothes and also the chosen scene. If you can bring cooler clothes and a coat or sweater, we can create different combinations without changing clothes.

3 - It's always good to have options for long skirts, scarves, dresses, as this generates movement, with the wind it also makes the photographs more dynamic!

If you have objects that tell you something and think that it can add something to your session, bring them. Sometimes a guitar, an object that tells you both something, whatever it is, that can be important.

Most sessions are done in mild/hot weather, so I recommend:

-Water to keep them well hydrated and willing;

-Sunscreen and mosquito repellent (the latter in areas more prone to it);

-Towels, for the heat, and to clean yourself in case of unforeseen circumstances;

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Tips for Pre-Wedding Sessions

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