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Praia da Ursa is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Portugal, located in the Sintra region. With its unique rock formations, crystal clear waters and golden sand, it is a popular place for pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots. And despite being known for its sunny climate, the beach has a special charm on foggy days, when the mist envelops the rock formations, creating a mysterious and romantic setting.

We recently had the opportunity to do a pre-wedding photo shoot at Praia da Ursa on a foggy day. Although it was a little challenging at first, the low tide allowed you to make the most of the beauty of the beach and the rock formations that are exposed. It was a magical and enchanting moment, where the couple could enjoy the mystical atmosphere of the beach and the Sintra area.

The rock formations at Praia da Ursa are simply stunning. They create a unique and dramatic backdrop for photos, especially with mist and fog that add a special touch to the landscape. The couple can walk along the beach and stop at strategic points to capture the natural beauty of the beach and the unique landscape it offers. The diffused light also creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere for the photos.

One of the most amazing things about Praia da Ursa is its tranquility. As the beach is somewhat isolated and difficult to access, it is much quieter than other more popular beaches in the area. This gives the couple an opportunity to enjoy the moment and connect with each other in a romantic and serene setting. Which allows recording incredible moments of complicity and love between the couple.

Despite the mysterious and hazy weather, the photo session at Praia da Ursa was a success. The photos turned out amazing and perfectly captured the couple's love and connection. It was an unforgettable moment, in a unique and picturesque setting. Praia da Ursa is definitely one of the best places in Portugal for a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo session, whether on sunny or foggy days. It is an awe-inspiring and magical landscape that will create lasting memories for any couple.

In summary, the pre wedding photo session at Praia da Ursa was an unforgettable and magical experience. The rock formations, the tranquility of the beach and the mist added a special touch to the session, creating a romantic and unique setting.

If you are looking for a place for a photo shoot in Portugal, Praia da Ursa is definitely a place that has to be on the list.

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